Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society

SCVWS Member Gallery
- Submitting Your Artwork

The SCVWS Member Gallery is a great opportunity to have your artwork seen on the internet, or to give your existing artist website more visibility. If you are an SCVWS member, please follow the instructions below to get your free listing in one of the best online art galleries!

Artist website link

If you have your own artist website: Log in to the members only page and click on the "view/change my contact information" link in the Member Profile section. Enter the URL for the website there. (eg.

Submitting to your page on this site.

If you don't have a personal website you can have a page on this site. You will find a link DERRY - WHERE? on the members only page where you can upload 2 photos of your art, one of you (optional), and a short artist statement. Here's what to do:

Take digital photographs of 2 (two) pieces of your artwork, or scan them. The digital image should be in jpeg format, good quality, at least 500 pixels wide. Resolution does not matter, we will resize and optimize for the web at 72dpi. You may also send a small headshot of yourself, if you wish.

Log in to the members only page and click on (?????) DERRY -- what do they do?

  • Artwork 1 - title
  • Artwork 2 - title
  • Artist's statement (or biography)
  • Upload the digital images for the artwork
  • Upload a small headshot of yourself (optional)