Weekend Paint Sites

 Esther Clark Park by Uma Kelkar


The weekend paintsites group meets on one Saturday a month, usually the third Saturday. As with the Thursday sites, the group has a huge inventory of wonderful paint sites. These include historic houses, barns and churches, private gardens and public parks, lakes, streams, woodlands, mountains, the Bay, boat yards, the beach, etc., etc. The group will sometimes to go the same Weekend Paintsites as the previous Thursday’s, so that anyone wishing to finish their paintings can come to the weekend group. At other times the group will explore new venues. The sites are generally easy to access, have toilet facilities, and shade. They are also chosen seasonally to take advantage of blossom times or fall colors. 

Information about weekend paintsites:

We send our thanks and gratitude to Uma Kelkar for coordinating the weekend paintsites project. Uma is currently advancing her painting career with new challenges. We are seeking a new weekend paintsite coordinator from our membership. The new coordinator will have the help and support of the Society in this important project.                                                      





Sunol Cows

Wildwood Park - by Brad Santos

Weekend Plein-air artists showing their work

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