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We are a volunteer organization, and we encourage our members to get involved in running the various activities that we do.  Below are some of the positions our volunteers serve as board members or committee chairs.  In addition volunteers can serve on the committees.  Contact a committe chair if you would like to serve on their committee.  To get an overview of what each positon entails, please see the job descriptions.

Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Board of Directors

President/Leader - Susan Jochheim leader email
Recording Secretary -  Kathy Dolan secretary email
Treasurer - Jane Paulson treasurer email
Director - Karen Druker board email
Director - Leslie Grimm board email
Director - Alison Turner  board email
Director - Vicki Wilson  board email

Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Committees

Exhibits OPEN  
Hospitality Karen Fitt hospitality email
  Pat Lewis hospitality email
Membership Karen Smith membership email
Newsletter Tanvi Buch newsletter email
PaintSites (Thursdays) Jane Saltman paintsites email
PaintSites (Weekend) Alison Turner weekend paintsites email
Panel Rentals
Judi Richards panels email
Publicity Marika Anderson pub email
Outreach Karen Druker  outreach email
Scholarship Karen Druker scholarship email
Webmaster Leslie Grimm website email
Workshops Vicki Wilson (chair) workshop chair