The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society sponsors member shows and provides information on other exhibiting opportunities for artists in watermedia. Although you must be a member to enter our shows, everyone is welcome to come and see the exhibits, which are always free and open to the general public. Contact the exhibits committee by emailing. If you'd like to know more about joining SCVWS, visit the Membership Pages.


 Upcoming Summer Online Art Show 'Juxtaposition'

 July 11, 2021

Submissions are open!



Simply stated, juxtaposition means placing two or more things side-by-side, often with the intention of comparing or contrasting the elements. It is commonly used in the visual arts to emphasize a concept, form unique compositions, and add intrigue to paintings, drawings, sculptures, or any other type of artwork. Colors that are opposite from one another(complementary) on the wheel like; blue and yellow, red and green, or orange and purple, for example, will juxtapose. That is, they will stand out from one another; some in a pleasing way, some in a conflicting way. 


 Featured Artist Of The Month

Starting June 2021, SCVWS Exhibits committee will be featuring one artist each month on the exhibits page. Artists can submit their recent paintings (No limit) by 25th of each month. There is no theme, as long as the painting is done in a watercolor medium it will be accepted for consideration. Please submit your photo image(jpg) along with your painting. The featured artist's work will be posted on the exhibits page for a month. The artist will be featured on SCVWS's FB and IG pages as well. 


Note: The online virtual show 'Spring is sprung' will be taken down on May 31. 2021