SCVWS Exhibits - Other Exhibit Opportunities

The Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society sponsors shows by our members, and provides information on other exhibiting opportunities for watermedia artists. Please send email to exhibits emailfor more details. If you'd like to know more about joining this fantastic organization, visit the membership page.

For a detailed monthly list of other local exhibiting opportunities, see your newsletter.

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Open Juried Shows September and October 2020

Strokes of Genius 2020 (Annapolis, MD)
Deadline:  September 3, 2020
3rd Annual Women Artists Art Competition (Palm Springs, CA)
Deadline:  September 5, 2020
Botanical 2020  (Laguna Beach, CA)
Deadline:  September 6, 2020
Water Media National Juried Exhibition (Anna, TX)
Deadline:  September 6, 2020
Abstract Only! 10th Anniversary Exhibit (Hilo, fHI)
Deadline:  September 11, 2020
Fragments National Juried Exhibition (San Francisco, CA)
Deadline:  September 14, 2020
Kansas Watercolor Society National Exhibition (Wichita, KS)
Deadline:  September 16, 2020
The RAA&M National 2020 Art Show (Rockport, MA)
Deadline:  October 1, 2020
CWA 51st National Exhibition (Pleasanton, CA)
Deadline:  October 15, 2020
YICCA 20/21 – International Contest of Contemporary Art (Milan, Italy)
Deadline:  October 30, 2020
Silicon Valley Open Studios

· Three Weekends in May each year
· Details and registration forms on their website at
· SCVWS has a limited number of panels for members for Open Studios. If demand is higher than supply, a lottery is held to choose recipients.