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SCVWS Panel Rentals

Panels and their hanging accessories rent to SCVWS members for $10 per panel per weekend, plus a deposit of $100 or more (depending on number of panels) when picking up the panels. The deposit will be returned when the panels and accessories are brought back in good condition.  Members who rent panels are responsible for replacement of any damaged or lost panels or accessories.

To reserve panels, contact leader emailState the number of panels and dates required. The minimum number to rent is four.

For complete details of the panel rental process along with where to send your check, please log in to the member home page and click on exhibits/panels.

Display Panel Specifications
Each display panel is 72” tall X 40” wide with a lightweight tubular framework covered on both sides with indoor/outdoor carpeting in a medium gray color.  
A total of 24 panels are available for rent.  The rental price includes metal hangers and additional extensions with “s” hooks that can be used with the hangers to actually suspend paintings on.  Also included are velcro hanger patches and drapery style pin hooks for use with signs or small, lightweight paintings if desired.  
Multiple panels include connecting metal hardware pieces in order to set up specific configurations.  To view the setup possibilities go to the manufacturer’s website at 
www.propanels.com .  Best to do this before reserving or at least before pickup so that you can request and receive the correct parts needed for your intended display plan.   
Because the metal connecting hardware is heavy and awkward to carry, we have chosen to divide the various parts and pieces into sets, placing them into heavy duty plastic buckets.  Because of the weight, each bucket set has enough parts for use with 4 panels i.e. if 8 panels are rented, you receive two buckets of parts at that time.
Transportation Requirements
You will need either a pickup truck, van, or large SUV to transport the 72” X 40” panels depending on the number of panels.  We prefer that they be laid flat on top of each other to prevent the frames possibly being damaged.  A small amount of additional space will be needed for the buckets.  Make sure the bed of the truck etc. is clean and/or covered with a clean tarp or cloth.  Bring bungee cords or lightweight rope if using an open truck bed in case needed to hold things in place.

Scheduling Pick up & Return of Panels
You must email the above address and schedule a time to pickup & return the panels.  Hours of pickup must be between 11:00 am & 5:00 pm. 
Current Storage Unit location:

Central Self Storage
1020 Spring Street
San Jose, CA 9511

Unit C050

If you’re picking up a lot of panels, you may want to bring a friend to help you.