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SCVWS begins our new program for members only that offers educational tutorials, short how to classses and more that are FREE to members.  The format will be a "live" Zoom session at the date and time listed for each event.  

Once registered, members will receive an email with the Zoom link to join. (Save this confirmation email) On the day of the event click the link to attend.  Note: The Zoom event will be recorded and available on our new Youtube channel for viewing at any time after the event.  

Events will be added to our lineup throughout the year.  If you are a non-member, we welcome you to join so you can participate in our new events.  To join or get more information about member benefits, vist our Membership Page. Remember your membership contribution may be TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

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Member Critique "A Fresh Set of Eyes" by Professional Artist

 10 lucky members per session will be able to submit 2 paintings for a critique.  Note: only 1 painting will be selected for a critique. Must be a current member to be selected. Click here for details.  

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11:00 - 12:30 p.m. (pdt) 


VIEW PAST DEMO'S & "A Fresh Set of Eyes" Member's Critique on SCVWS YouTube Channel:

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David Lobenberg 2 Demo's: CA Vibe Portraits & Coast to Coast Sunsets

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March "A Fresh Set of Eyes" - Guest Artist/Critique: Guy Magallanes: Click to view

April "A Fresh Set of Eyes" - Guest Artist/Critique: Jean Warren: Click to view

August "A Fresh Set of Eyes" - Guest Artist/Critique: Julie Gilbert Pollard View

September "A Fresh Set of Eyes" - Guest Artist/Critique: David Lobenberg View

October "A Fresh Set of Eyes" - Guest Artist/Critique: Frank Eber View

Caroline Mustard "The Joy of Drawing": Click to view

 Members Only PAST EVENTS:

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Daniel Smith Paints Demo by Scott Stevenson


Scott Stevenson will demo the current paint selections of the Daniel Smith Paints line.



May 16, 2021 


Scott Stevenson, Daniel Smith Representative 

Instagram - Basics Crash Course 1

If you don't have an account yet, you will learn how to sign up for a Free Instagram account. You will learn the basics of how to access Instagram on multiple devices, post your artwork (or any photo image).  In addition, you will learn how to add "hashtags" and to "tag" your posts and why it is important to use these tools when posting to broaden the number of people who see your post.


Jan 24, 2021 


Marika Anderson, SCVWS Publicity, Kavita Kamble, SCVWS Exhibits 


Instagram - Beyond the Basics

 Followup to our "Instagram Crash Course".  Now that you have an account and have posted some images, used hashtags and started following other artists.  Let's further explore the tools of Instagram.  You will learn about using features such as Boomerang, Stories, sharing posts, watermarks & time lapse videos.



March 14, 2021 


Susan Jochheim, President 

Marika Anderson, SCVWS Publicity

Kavita Kamble, SCVWS Exhibits  


Introduction to Plein Air with SCVWS Paintsites

 Have you ever wanted to get out an join other artists for the Thursday morning or Weekend paintsite outings, but wasn't sure how to start?  This informational hour is for you, as our Paintsite Chairs will give a short presentation on how Paintsites operate, basic supplies to bring and what to expect when working in an outdoor setting.  They will give tips for beginners and will have a Q & A session to answer all your questions. 


Feb 28, 2021 


Alison Turner and Jane Saltman, SCVWS Paintsites