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This page lists art supplies that artists want to donate or sell to other artists. Contact the webmaster if you have an item to list.  Ads are posted for 30 days.

Your ad can include pictures of items as well as text describing the item.  To protect privacy of the seller/donor, buyers may be asked to contact webmaster@scvws.org to get contact information for the seller/donor.

 Easel and Matts - contact webmaster at scvws if interested.

Barely Used Soltek Plein Air Painting Easel ($300, barely used) and the following mats available for sale:

  1. 32” x 40” Double Black Mat, 6” wide ($20)
  2. 32” x 40” White Single Mats, 6” wide ($10 each)

   (5)   32” x 40” Double White Mats, 6” wide ($20 each)