SCVWS Member Gallery

The SCVWS Member Gallery is a great opportunity to have your water media artwork seen on the internet, or to give your existing artist website showing your water media pieces more visibility. If you are an SCVWS member, please follow the instructions at the gallery submission page.

All images on this Web site are property of the individual artists, who also hold the worldwide Copyright to these works of art. You may not use these images without the express permission of the artists. (See DISCLAIMER below.)

View the work of artists with last names starting with:

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Edna Acri
Marika Anderson
Maree Andre
Judy Anglin

Karen Bacica
Mike Bailey
Debbie Bakker
Laurie Barna
Emily Barton
Bill Baumgartner
Cathy Belleville
Laurel Bergman
Teresa Beyer
Karen Bieber
Matthew Bien
Lisa Blaylock
Richard Bloechl
Kathie Boissiere
Vicki Bolton
Phyllis Brady
Martha Bredwell
Linda Brendler
Nina Bricker
Tanvi Buch
Deanna Burke
Susan Butler-Graham

Christine Cairns
Nancy Calhoun
Peter Carey
Jan Carey
LaVonne Carrick
Liza Carrillo
ya wen chien
Janki Chokshi
Barbara Kay Clark
Rita Colwell
Gerda Cristal
Steve Curl
Linda Curtis

Rafael DeSoto, Jr.
Karen Druker
Kay Duffy

John Ediger
Christine Edwards
Susan Englert

Cheryl Feng
Jean Franco
Bobbie Frederickson
Elaine Frenett

Carolyn Garbarino
Jan Grady
Michael Granger
Shirley Green
Toni Gregorio-Bunch
Leslie Grimm
Dmitry Grudsky

Annie Haines
Bonnie Henkels-Luntz
Kathryn Hilton
Karen Holly
Dean Hoornaert
Mary Hopf

Anna Jacke
Anouk Johanna

Kavita Kamble
Jan Alice Keeling
Uma Kelkar
Roberta Kiphuth
Irina Kladova
Kathy Kleinsteiber
Jane Kwant

Leslie Landers
Marion Leggett
June Levin
Iris Lian
Elizabeth Liebert Grant
Shirley Lim
Cindy Ling

Guy Magallanes
Kaaren Marquez
Wendy Marshall
Tanushri Mathur
Joie McClements
Caroline McClintic
Valerie Millar
Kristi Miller
Kathleen Mitchell

Yvonne Newhouse

Karen Olsen
Karen ONeill
Karen Orton
EveAnn Osborn
Anne Oseberg
Barbara Otey

Mary Paquet
Michele Paris-Seubert
Jamie Pavlich-Walker
Maria Pazos

Melanie Rabkin
Grace Rankin
Elvira Rascov
Joseph Ribera
Laura Roberts
Helene Roylance

Jane Saltman
Joyce Savre
Helen Scheel
Bonnie Joy Sedlak
Evelyn Seto
Rashmi Shah
Margaret Shatsky
Sherrie Simpson
Linda Sims
Lalima Srivastava

Grace Tang
Bobbye West Thompson
Valerie Tomasetti
Nancy Troup
Dalene Turner

Myrna Wacknov
Kathy Wahrer
Jean Warren
Margaret Washington
Linda Ann Watson
Patty Wayte
Barbara Weiss
Donald Wieland
Laurie Wigham
Jane Wong
Marianne Woosley
Carol Worthington-Levy

Candy Yu

Catharine (Cathy) Zander
Floy Zittin
Richard Zunkel


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