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Roundtable Discussion: Making Money, Making Art

On April 5, 2003, at the Los Altos Library, SCVWS sponsored a discussion led by SCVWS members Elaine Frenett, Jean Warren, Jen Norton, and Art 21 Gallery owner, Suan Kraft. The discussion was moderated by SCVWS President, Cindy Blain

Jen Norton has written articles for the SCVWS newsletter on the subject of art fairs. Read her comprehensive article on Art & Wine Fairs.

Susan Kraft discussed the importance of presenting a cohesive body of work for galleries to review, as well as telling us about how to present yourself:

  • Have one to two phrases to say about your work while speaking with possible buyers
  • Artist statements can be more detailed for a written piece than the spoken phrase, but should be uplifting and inspirational

Susan also discussed group meetings and discount framing at the Art21 gallery. However, the gallery closed in 2010. The last owner has a blog about owning the gallery. You may also want to visit the Art21 website.